Rachel Lewis (nee Thom) is a Canadian singer and songwriter as well as keyboardist who originates from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Music has always been a family affair. Rachel’s brothers and father are also singers and songwriters. Rachel began performing at the tender age of 5 and has been competing since she was 8. She began songwriting at the age of 10 and guitar at 14. Since Feb. 2007, Rachel has been living in Whistler, B.C..

Through her studies and life experiences Rachel evolved into a well-rounded musician. She released her first album at the age of 14, another at 17, and another at 19. Half of the proceeds from her first album went to Children’s Cancer Research.

Rachel acquired a musical mentor in New York City. She has also traveled to Los Angeles to record with Jimmy Harry and Chris Fudurich. Jimmy Harry has worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Pink and Kelly Clarkson.

Rachel has been performing professionally since 2007, and continues to be busy with private events and her regular local shows.

Rachel’s single “Innocent Child” is off of her latest CD titled “Wear & Tear”. This single is about how loves makes you feel. “It seems to appeal to many people over several markets”, states Rachel. This single is a refreshing change to what’s being produced in music today. Rachel’s vocals are crisp and expressive. The rhythm in “Innocent Child” is upbeat with a catchy melody and great harmonies. After you hear this song the first time, you exhale. Your body absorbs the music like nourishment to the soul.

Some of Rachel Lewis’ highlights include but are not limited to:

• A performance with Juno winner Barney Bentall on the Olympic Main Stage during 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, B.C.

• She also sang with Gene Simmons on New Years Eve 2011 and with Sarah McLachlan

• She recently opened for fiddler Ashley Maclsaac on the Celebration Plaza Stage in Whistler

“Rachel brings truth and honesty to her music. Her work shows she is an amazing talent who is on the rise.” -Steve Darling, Global TV

“Wear & Tear was an instant add for Mountain FM with the vibrant melody and catchy lyrics. A live performance feel comes from the track each time we play it on Mountain FM” -Rob Michaels, Mountain FM